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2021-01-19 16:18

Processing material: quicklime

Output: 13T/H

Feed size: 0-30mm

Discharge size: 200 mesh D95

Equipment: HCM169


Application areas: desulfurization in steel mills, desulfurization in power plants, chemicals, sewage purification, building materials, soil improvement, disinfection of farms, medicine, desiccants


Customer site

In response to the needs of the Hunan Huaihua boss for the quicklime powder project, the mill plan design engineer and Mr. Rong inspected the on-site environment and designed the construction plan: use the flat ground next to the lime kiln to build a factory for the quicklime mill production line to reduce the running distance of the quicklime, and equipment The configuration adopts the HCM169 pendulum mill of the foreign trade standard, considering the air problem of the village next to the lime factory, the configuration adopts a closed loop air milling and powder conveying system, and is equipped with a pulse dust collector and a powder collector to collect the finished products to ensure the workshop and surroundings No dust pollution. The whole quicklime powder production line adopts a simple process design with a small area. The quicklime powder production process is simple, the grinding time is short, the dust collection process is short, and the packaging is efficient. The central control room can visualize the entire production and operation status, and is easy to observe, maintain and manage.


Customer feedback

Among the quicklime powder making equipment manufacturers, we consulted many domestic mill machinery and equipment companies, and all of them sent technicians to these well-known machinery and equipment companies to inspect the production workshops and customer sites. After comparing these manufacturers' equipment quotations, equipment stability, after-sales technical timeliness, and user evaluations with a number of indicators, Guilin Hongcheng was resolutely selected. Since the beginning of October, Hongcheng’s quicklime pulverizing equipment has been in operation for more than a month, the equipment is stable, the powder extraction rate is high, and the output is much higher than the contract standard. Guilin Hongcheng’s after-sales service promptly returns visits and after-sales technical feedback speed and quality assurance Let us rest assured that next time if a friend chooses quicklime milling equipment, we will definitely recommend Hongcheng!

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