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2021-02-04 10:48

HLM2400-coal-30-40t-200mesh D93 (2).jpg

Coal mill production line


Guilin Hongcheng intensively cultivates in the field of mill (vertical mill) manufacturing and production, taking customer value creation as the core value, paying close attention to customer needs, and tailoring a professional set of milling powder for customers with high-quality product quality and excellent sales services Processing solutions. This special report will go deep into the customer site, discover the most valuable milling processing solution case, present the most exquisite case site to the customer, and let you immersively experience the creation of the Hongcheng mill at the customer site. The miracle of milling.


Material introduction

Grinding material: long flame coal

Device model: HLM1700 vertical mill

Finished product fineness: 100 mesh D90

Annual output of equipment: 200,000 tons


Project brief

Pulverized coal is flammable and explosive. The more pulverized coal is burned, the more effective it is to increase the utilization rate of fuel. As a fuel system that consumes more in industry, it can be used as a fuel by grinding coal into fine powder. The production cost is greatly reduced. In the process of coal grinding, due to the increase of the specific surface area of the pulverized coal, the combustibility and flammability are also stronger, and the risk factor is also increased. How to enhance the safety index in the process of coal grinding and prevent the spontaneous combustion of pulverized coal has become the technical bottleneck of coal grinding into fine powder.

Aiming at the current situation of coal pulverization, Guilin Hongcheng has upgraded and improved the group’s grinding production line according to customer needs. By adding anti-static treatment and installing explosion-proof devices, it adopts a new open circuit system to effectively prevent spontaneous combustion of pulverized coal. , Helping the project to go into production smoothly.


Selection scheme

Considering that the spontaneous combustion of pulverized coal is the key to the pulverization of the project, after several inspections by the plan expert group, a new open circuit system has been developed according to the customer’s expected output, fineness, energy consumption, and finished product quality. , Which greatly reduces the temperature in the main machine of the pulverizer, and plays a key technical support and guarantee for preventing the spontaneous combustion of pulverized coal.


Client feedback

As old friends who have cooperated many times, we are very assured of Hongcheng's ability to do things. Facts have also proved that choosing Hongcheng is our correct choice. It is very troublesome to install and debug such a large-scale production line, but the technicians of Hongcheng are very dedicated and patient. With the joint efforts of everyone, the production effect of our pulverized coal production line is very ideal, not only high efficiency, but even discharge , The finished product has a good particle shape, and so far, the failure rate of the equipment is very small, and the dust pollution in the workshop is relatively small, which unexpectedly exceeds our original plan. We are very satisfied.


Guilin Hongcheng aims to create value for customers. The coal mills, Raymond mills and vertical mills produced by Hongcheng Company focus on quality and are reasonably priced. The mill salespersons and after-sales service are based on customer satisfaction. A mill customer is a friend. Raymond mill, superfine mill, vertical mill, superfine ring roller mill, Raymond mill has excellent quality, stable powder fineness, the powder is between 80-3000 mesh, and the output can reach 2-100 tons. Guilin Hongcheng insists that quality is the foundation of survival and takes customer satisfaction as its service tenet.

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