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HCH Ultra-fine Grinding Mill for the Powder Making of GCC

2019-02-19 15:36

HCH Ultra-fine Grinding Mill for the Powder Making of GCC 


GCC (Gound Calcite Carbonate) is a kind of white powder processed from high quality calcite. Its main component is CaCO3. GCC features in high whiteness, good  purity, soft hue and stable chemical composition.

The bulk density of GCC is generally 0.8-1.3g/cm3, and the whiteness is 89%-93%. According to the average particle size, it can be divided into:

Rough calcium carbonate powder>3μm

Fine calcium carbonate 1-3μm

Ultra-fine calcium carbonate 0.5-1μm

GCC is an important industrial raw material widely used in the field of plastics, paper making, rubbers, architectures, foods, medicines and so on. However, what type of GCC is needed in different industries? Followings are some examples.

      PVC wallpaper: 1250 meshes activated GCC

      Silicone glue: about 2800 meshes ultra-fine GCC 

      Calendered film: 2500 meshes GCC 

      Slip agent (keep not sticky): 325, 400, 600 meshes GCC

      Cleaning machine: 400 meshes GCC

      Colorant: 800 meshes GCC

      PVC colloidal particles: 1250/2500 meshes GCC

      Modified plastic (PP / PS): 1250/2500 meshes GCC

The HCH Ultra-fine Grinding Mills manufactured by HCM (Guilin Hongcheng) are grinding mills ideal for the powder making of GCC. HCM (Guilin Hongcheng) can  reasonably customize the plan of selection configuration for customers according to the detailed information of material processing they provide.

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