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A Production Line of Calcium Carbonate in Southeast Asia

2019-02-20 08:25

A Processing Production Line of Calcium Carbonate in Southeast Asia



1.Selection Overview

Raw material:  calcium carbonate

Equipment model:

6 sets of HCH1395 Ultra-fine Grinding Mill, 1 set  of  HLMX Series Superfine Vertical Grinding Mill 

Fineness of finished product :

8um D97 (HCH1395 Ultra-fine Grinding Mill), 12 um (HLMX Series Superfine Grinding Vertical Mill)

Annual output: 

200,000 tons (6 Sets of HCH1395 Ultra-fine Grinding Mill), 50,000 tons (1 Set of HLMX Series Superfine Vertical Grinding  Mill)


2.Project Overview:

Domestically, not only HCH1395 Ultra-fine Grinding Mill is the largest Ultra-fine Grinding Mill with the lowest energy consumption, but HLMX Series Superfine Vertical Grinding Mill is also a large-scale Vertical Grinding Mill for the superfine processing of non-metallic minerals. Thanks to considering customers’ actual demands for powder making,  HCH1395 Ultra-fine Grinding Mill and Superfine Vertical Grinding Mill manufactured by HCM (Guilin Hongcheng) have created a considerable value for customers in the aspect of capacity, fineness, quality of finished products, energy consumption, etc. It is clear to see that both machines produced by HCM (Guilin Hongcheng) almost cover the entire production line of calcium carbonate in Southeast Asia.

3.Customer Reviews:

“As we all know, good products can withstand the test of time. Because during stages of multiple debugging, our utra-fine grinding mill has brought unexpected results, we are very pleased and look forward to further cooperation.”

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