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A Company in Guangxi with an Annual Capacity of 158,000 Tons

2019-02-26 17:21

A Company in Guangxi with an Annual Capacity of 158,000 Tons


1. Selection overviews:

 Type & quantity: 2 sets of HCQ1500 reinforced grinding mills

 Raw materials: marble

 Finished product fineness:325 mesh D95, 400 mesh D95

 Annual output:64,000 tons, 79,000 tons

#HCQ1500  #HCM  #GuilinHongcheng

2. Project reviews:

Relying on the advantages of marble resources locally, the company has brought in and applied advanced powder-making technologies to process marble, thus contributing high-quality calcium carbonate powders to many fields such as chemical industry, metallurgy, building materials, etc. After inspections and certifications, the company believes that the design of the  Raymond grinding mill prepared marble powders manufactured by HCM (Guilin Hongcheng) is advanced, reasonable, scientific configuration, reliable operation, easy maintenance, high accuracy of classifying and large conveying capacity. Undoubtedly, it is an efficient, productive, green, and environmentally friendly production line of marble powder making.

3. Customer reviews :

HCM(Guilin Hongcheng) has eliminated our doubts and worries with its strong powder and exquisite powder-making technology since our cooperation. As to the production line of marble powders it provided, not only it is featured in low failure rate, low noise, low energy consumption, low dust, but it also covers many technological patents. It can really be called as an efficient, energy-saving and environment-friendly grinding mill due to its high efficiency of grinding along with even and full finished product.

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