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Raymond Roller Mill for Andalusite Powder Making

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Raymond Roller Mill for Andalusite Powder Making


Andalusite belongs to the orthorhombic system, and its crystal is in the form of a pseudo-quadrilateral column. Andalusite, kyanite and sillimanite are three different forms of the kyanite family. HC Milling (Guilin Hongcheng) can provide very professional and high-end grinding mill for the processing of andalusite.

Andalusite has a wide range of applications:

1. Used as additive:

Andalusite can effectively improve the physical properties of ceramics such as flexural strength, hardness, density and absorption rate, and can reduce the shrinkage rate after finishing firing.

2. Used as auxiliary materials in insulated materials:

The type and quantity of bauxite have a decisive influence on the formation and strength of mullite and corundum. Therefore, andalusite can be used as auxiliary materials in insulated materials to improve the mechanical strength of electric ceramics.

3. Made into the structure of ceramic honeycomb:

The structure of ceramic honeycomb is made by extrusion. Its shape is determined by the shape of the mold, but its performance is affected by the ingredients. And the raw material of the ceramic honeycomb is the raw material of andalusite which can consume and release the transmission of stress wave.

HC1700 pendulum grinding mill is a revolutionary and innovative grinding mill developed in line with the development trend of the domestic and international powder-making industry. People can make a better choice from large-scale powder-making projects. Not only can it improve the productivity per unit of a single machine, but it can also effectively reduce the energy consumption of productivity per unit. Its productivity is about 2.5 times to 4 times higher than that of 5R equipment. It is very suitable for the processing of non-metallic minerals such as andalusite, etc. This kind of machine has technical advantages and features in grinding and processing materials.

1. Small footprint:

With similar productivity, the footprint of it accounts for 1/3 of that of the machine of 4R3216, and its investment is lower than 6 sets of 4R3216 grinding mill, which greatly has saved the plant and has reduced the costs of infrastructure, management and investment.

2. High productivity:

The productivity of the equipment is similar to the productivity of 6 sets of 4R3216 grinding mill with the same type. The power consumption is low. Under similar productivity per unit, its power consumption is about 3/4 that of 6 sets of 4R3216 grinding mills, which also fills the blank of super large-scale grinding mill domestically.

3. Energy-saving and environmental protection:

 The after-wind port of the HC1700 grinding mill is equipped with a pulse-dust collector, and its efficiency of dust collection can reach 99.9%. All the parts of the main mill working under positive pressure are sealed. Basically, workshop can achieve dust-free operation.

4. Easy maintenance:

A new sealing structure is adopted. The grinding roller device just needs to be lubricated every 800-1000 hours. In addition, it is easy to maintain because there is no need to dismantle the grinding roller device when replacing grinding ring.

5. High reliability:

 As to the wear parts such as grinding roller and grinding ring, high-searing materials can replace the original high manganese steel, and the service life of high-searing materials is 3-5 times longer than that of the original high-manganese steel, which improves the reliability of the equipment.

After having been produced grinding mills for decades, HC Milling (Guilin Hongcheng) has a good understanding of the structure, performance and configuration of grinding mill. At the same time, HC Milling (Guilin Hongcheng) keeps up with the times constantly, enhances the ability to innovate and combines the advanced technology of grinding at home and abroad with the equipment provided by HC Milling (Guilin Hongcheng). At last, HC Milling (Guilin Hongcheng) has produced HC-series pendulum grinding mill for the grinding and processing of andalusite and this kind of machine has become a replacement of the R-type grinding mill.



The daily inspection items of the milling machine:

1. Regularly listening to the normal operation sound of the mill and the classifier, and whether there is any abnormal sound.

2. Checking if the reducer and other equipment has any oil leakage, water leakage or material leakage.

3. Checking the wear of the tie rod seal every month.

4. Regularly check the function of the scraper and returning system.

5. Checking the pumping station every day, including: oil level of the fuel tank and refueling if necessary. The oil should be in accordance with the specified oil; check the pressure of each pressure gauge; check whether the filters are blocked.

6. Checking the oil return condition of the grinding roller lubrication station and whether the oil filling pressure is normal.

7. Always check the oil pipes and valves for oil leakage.

8. Measuring the wear of the grinding disc and the grinding roller liner each 1000H, and make a record.

9. Checking the pressure of the accumulator once a week.

10. Regularly check the center frame, nozzle ring, air guiding vane, water spray pipe and other grinding accessories.



Grinding Mill maintenance:

1. There should be a fixed person responsible for operation in using process, the operator must equipped with professional technical knowledge. Before the installation, the operator must carry out the necessary technical training to understand the principle performance of the mill and familiar with the operating procedures.

2. In order to keep the mill in good condition, the "safe operation system for equipment maintenance" should be established, and necessary maintenance tools as well as grease and corresponding accessories should be provided.


3. After using the grinding machine for a period of time, it should be repaired and maintained. Meanwhile, the wearing parts such as grinding rolls, grinding rings and blades should be repaired and replaced. The grinding roller device should be carefully check the connection bolt nut before use and after, see if there is looseness, whether the grease is sufficient. The refueling tools are available with manual refueling pumps and grease guns.


4. The grinding roller device of the mill needs to be replaced after using for more than 500 hours. When the grinding rolls are replaced, the rolling bearings in the sleeve must be cleaned.


5. According to the size of the material, soft and hard, water content, specific gravity, the processing thickness is also different. The analyzer of the mill, high speed, high fineness, low speed and low fineness can be adjusted. Increase the fineness and the output will be reduced accordingly. If the requirements are not met, the fan speed should be debugged and the user can flexibly master it.


6. The scrapping limit of the grinding roller ring of the mill, the remaining minimum wall thickness shall not be less than 10mm.


7. The feed should be stopped when the mill stops, and the main machine continues to grind. The motor of the main unit and the motor of the analyzer can be turned off to stop the grinding work after about one minute. After that, the blower motor is stopped to purge the remaining powder.

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