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HCH Ultra-fine Grinding Mill Promotes the Application of Talc Powders in Polypropylene Resin
  • 2018-12-17 14:35
  • HCM

HCH Ultra-fine Grinding Mill Promotes the Application of Talc Powders in Polypropylene Resin


HCH Ultra-fine Grinding Mill Promotes the Application of Talc Powders in Polypropylene Resin.png

Polypropylene resin is a structurally regular crystalline polymer. It is a kind of thermoplastic resin. It is in form of granule and it is light creamy-white, odorless, non-toxic and light. It is the lightest among general-purpose resins, because its relative density is 0.90-0.91. Polypropylene can be processed by many methods and applied widely. Its values are mainly derived from excellent property of chemical resistance.

Practice has shown that adding a small amount of talc powders into polypropylene not only can also act as a nucleating agent, but also can improve the crystallization of polypropylene. Therefore, the mechanical properties of polypropylene can be improved. In addition, since the crystallization of polypropylene is improved, the crystal is finer and the transparency of polypropylene is also improved. Grinding mill can grind talc powders with various fineness to boost the industry.

In the modified system of polypropylene, the addition of ultra-fine talc powders  not only can improve the rigidity, superficial hardness, heat-creep resistance, electrical insulation and dimensional stability of the polypropylene products, but also can improve the impact strength of polypropylene. Therefore, in the process of actual production, polypropylene composites filled with 20% and 40% ultra-fine talc powders can improve the rigidity of polypropylene and the heat-creep resistance both at room temperature and high temperature.

Polypropylene resin is suitable for making various electrical parts, TV sets, radio housings, anti-corrosion pipes, plates, automobile parts, turnover boxes, woven bags, packaging film, tying materials, various containers, various clothing, artificial lawn, etc. Polypropylene added with talc powders can be used in a variety of fields:

1. Automotive industry:

It is mainly used in various parts such as bumpers, instrument panels, fan covers, heater covers, ducts, battery heat shields, fluid pump, etc.

2. Aircraft industry:

It isn’t difficult to find them in the gaskets of refrigerator door, heaters and covers of vacuum pump, mixers of washing machine, etc.

3. Electrical industry:

It can be used to inject and mold various instrument housings and electrical components.

4. Electric appliance: 

It is used as injection molded parts such as refrigerator drawers and the drums of washing machine.

The preparation of ultra-fine talc powders is inseparable from ultra-fine grinding mills with high cost-performance ratio. HC Milling (Guilin Hongcheng), a leading enterprise in the industry of powder-making equipment, produces a series of grinding mills with high technology content, high grinding efficiency, reasonable configuration and various model specifications. Relying on high-tech technology, machines produced by HC Milling (Guilin Hongcheng) have become well known at home and abroad. Our machines can provide professional technical equipment and process for many production lines of powder making.


HCH ultra-fine ring roller grinding mill can be used to process ultra-fine talc powders. It is a kind of machine with comprehensive properties of mechanical pulverization such as rolling, grinding, crushing, etc. It is very suitable to process non-metallic minerals such as talc, calcite, calcium carbonate and so on, because of its advantages. For example, it is efficient, energy-saving, high-yield, low-investment and high-fineness. The fineness of the finished product can be adjusted freely between 400-2500 meshes. The equipment can run smoothly and its performance is reliable. When powders are classified, its precision is extremely high. And the two processes of ultra-fine pulverization and superfine classification can be realized. It is characteristic of high efficiency of dust removal, small noise when running and no dust pollution.


HCH ultra-fine ring roller grinding mill produced by HC Milling (Guilin Hongcheng) is regarded by more and more powder-making enterprises because of its characteristics such as small footprint, strong whole set, wide application, easy operation, easy maintenance, stable performance and high cost-performance ratio. This kind of grinding mill is used by many manufacturers in to process various non-metallic minerals, thus bringing considerable economic and social benefits to customers.



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