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Super large Raymond mill
  • 2021-12-23 14:27
  • HCM

The HC3000 global ultra-large Raymond machine independently developed by HCM, a disruptive technological innovation.

Ultra large Raymond mill! The HC3000 global ultra-large Raymond machine independently developed by HCM, a disruptive technological innovation.

With the concerted efforts of the Hongcheng people and the unity of one heart and one mind, the ultra-large Raymond mill currently on the global market-Guilin Hongcheng HC3000 Raymond Mill is officially launched on the market, fully loaded with Hongcheng's customer-centric service concept. The shipment of the first HC3000 global super-large Raymond mill has inspired all Hongcheng people to have great enthusiasm, forge ahead, and continue to strive to contribute a global brand to China! On November 2, the company's leaders and the company's R&D, production, quality, and marketing teams witnessed this milestone in history!




Breaking the "ceiling" of large-scale production of Raymond Mill

The vice chairman of Guilin Hongcheng stated that Guilin Hongcheng has been deeply engaged in the milling industry for more than 20 years, based on the current and looking into the future, the company has been constantly updating and upgrading on the basis of 4R milling machines, and after the development of standardization, quality and intelligence, it has given birth to HC1300, HC1500, HC1700, HC1900, HC2000, HC3000 and other fruitful results. The production of the HC3000 global super-large Raymond mill is inseparable from the efforts of everyone. I believe that with the joint efforts of all the staff, Guilin Hongcheng will have better products to the world. Contribute a global brand to China.

At present, as environmental protection laws and regulations become more and more stringent, the proposal of “emission peak” and “carbon neutrality” poses new challenges to China's powder equipment manufacturing industry. Guilin Hongcheng HC3000 Raymond Mill is based on years of technical precipitation and market practice, and independently researches and develops the super-large Raymond mill currently on the global market to ensure that customers can achieve increased production and efficiency, energy saving and consumption reduction, and the needs of large-scale production. Meet the domestic industrial policy and the ever-expanding industrialized scale production demand.

Although the body is huge, the performance of the HC3000 Raymond Mill is no less than that of small-tonnage equipment. Its structure is solid and reliable, with strong earthquake resistance, more stability and reliability, long service life, dust collection efficiency as high as 99.9%, energy saving and environmental protection.

The general manager of Guilin Hongcheng said that the successful development and production of the HC3000 Raymond Mill is a breakthrough in Guilin Hongcheng's research and development technology. We hope that we will continue to improve the equipment in the future.

R&D center: core technology promotes leapfrog development

HC3000 global ultra-large Raymond mill was officially put into the market. Every R&D staff has accumulated rich experience in mechanical equipment manufacturing and program design, and actively customizes exclusive selection and configuration solutions for customers, and fully escorts the HC3000 Raymond mill production line.


The design and operation of the HC3000 Raymond Mill is not easy. It not only tests the stability and reliability of Guilin Hongcheng's milling equipment, but also mobilizes the nerves of every engineer. Since the signing of the project, the engineers worked together to overcome one technical problem after another. They kept grasping the schedule and rushing to accompany the customers. From surveying, tuning, drawing, programming to production, they realized the spirit of craftsmanship. The parameterization and softwareization of experience has effectively built the hard core strength of Guilin Hongcheng powder equipment. On the world stage full of competition, China's powder manufacturing equipment continues to demonstrate its technical heritage and strong strength in sailing the world. There is no end to the road, and the brilliance continues.

Operation Center: Use Hongcheng efficiency to create Hongcheng speed

The drawings of the HC3000 Raymond Mill were handed over to the production team in July. At the same time, the project officially started production. The entire project task only took more than three months. The HC3000 Raymond Mill completed the production task and created "Hongcheng Efficiency", Hongcheng speed".


All links of the operation center are closely coordinated, including hundreds of large and small manufacturing processes. In addition to arranging production plans and parts manufacturing and processing, there are also assembly, painting, inspection, etc., which is the "main battlefield" of HC3000 Raymond mill production. The successful delivery of Guilin Hongcheng's first global super-large Raymond mill shows that Guilin Hongcheng has strong strength and can complete the research and development and production of super-large Raymond mills in Asia and even the world. Faced with this urgent, arduous and important production task, the operation center continued to overcome difficulties and continued to increase efficiency to ensure the smooth delivery of HC3000.

Quality Control Department: Strictly control the quality and open the way with quality

From design to off-line production of HC3000 Raymond Mill, the quality control department strictly controls the implementation of design drawings to production, and strictly implements process and standard production requirements. The company's production and manufacturing standards are better than domestic industry standards. The company establishes internal quality Inspection standards, firmly grasp the quality of equipment, and actively strive to deliver the equipment to customers with guaranteed quality and quantity, and strive for the greatest rights and interests for customers.


For the production of HC3000 Raymond Mill, the quality control department has undergone multiple rigorous reviews and inspections, adding bottleneck process tooling, improving the quality of parts and components, and maintaining the stability of the test machine operation of the whole machine. Focus on the key points and do meticulous work, put the quality awareness through the whole process of product production, and strive to achieve high-quality development of the company.

Marketing Center: digging into needs and innovating service mechanisms

To achieve the production of HC3000 Raymond Mill, in addition to product strength, service must be the first to win the trust of customers.


The marketing center covers the entire link of pre-sales, in-sales, and after-sales. It can keenly grasp market trends, be customer-centric, market-oriented, create value for customers, provide timely feedback on customer demand information, and continue to understand market needs in depth. Opportunities, broaden the road of development, help Guilin Hongcheng increase its market-oriented sales share, focus on overseas markets, and strengthen Guilin Hongcheng’s brand to gain more international recognition and acceptance.

Innovative service model, customer-oriented, strengthen post-market capabilities, upgrade the value of customers, and open a new chapter in the development of Hongcheng with the attitude of a leader.


The road to future development is a long way to go. Guilin Hongcheng will continue to fulfill its mission of scientific and technological innovation and serve the society. With quality and service as the business philosophy, market-oriented, we will develop every mill with our heart, and export more to the world. The high-quality machinery and equipment made in China have established the reputation of the Chinese brand and contributed a global brand to China with strong strength.

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