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Let’s to learn about the grinding mill manufacturer - Guilin Hongcheng
  • 2020-09-07 15:07
  • HCM

For many years, Guilin Hongcheng has become a famous brand in the industry. With the formal production and income generation of a number of grinding mill cases, the brand awareness of Guilin Hongcheng is constantly improving. With full enthusiasm and ambition, we are doing our best to contribute to a global brand for China.

How much do you know about Hongcheng?

In the 1990s, a foundry factory settled down in Guilin, Guangxi province, China, and officially began its brilliant entrepreneurial journey.

After several times of development and expansion, the foundry plant has grown into a high-tech enterprise with the mission of developing and manufacturing ore grinding mill.

Through unremitting efforts, a well-known powder processing equipment manufacturing enterprises - Guilin Hongcheng should accumulate born.

In the new economic development situation, Hongcheng closely around the market demand, transformation and upgrading, pioneering and innovative, adhere to the quality and service business philosophy, open up a bright future.

Grow up to now, Guilin Hongcheng has mature case sites in non-metallic mineral, solid waste, mineral deep processing, environmental protection, infrastructure construction and many other fields. Hongcheng Raymond grinding mill, vertical grinding mill, superfine grinding mill, ultrafine grinding mill, calcium hydroxide production line, wear-resisting products to high-end characteristics, environmental protection, high quality advantage, actively contribute for ore mineral industry.

Customer's praise, credibility guarantee

Up to now, Guilin Hongcheng has not only gained numerous honors and market reputation, but also gained thumb up and support from new and old customers. Hongcheng excellent products quality, perfect after-sales service has been a large number of customers and friends of high praise.

Thanks for the support and favor of every new and old customers and friends. This shining reputation and public praise will be an important driving force for Hongcheng to keep moving.

Guilin Hongcheng – A professional ore grinding mill manufacturer.

Let's take a look at customer reviews from various markets

* Customers from India

At present, large and small grinding mill factories have emerged in the Chinese powder market. After investigation, we have identified Guilin Hongcheng, because their r&d strength and product quality are very strong. After our first cooperation, we are very satisfied with Hongcheng's fast and efficient service. We not only completed the delivery of products on time with both quality and quantity guaranteed, but also provided timely after-sales service in the later period.

* Customers from Indonesia

The cooperation with Guilin Hongcheng is based on the Internet. We were invited to visit, and their sales team was very good. They took me to visit the milling sites of their domestic customers. In the evaluation meeting after returning to Indonesia, everyone unanimously recognized Guilin Hongcheng. Their factory scale, production research and development strength, pre-sales and after-sales service, etc., we are very assured. Now, our Raymond grinding mill officially put into production, the effect is pleasing, thank you!

* Customers from Italy

Guilin Hongcheng was recommended by a Chinese friend of mine. Guilin Hongcheng is one of the most famous enterprises in China's powder industry, he said, for this, through the investigation, we see the strength of Hongcheng. After communication, Hongcheng team designed a whole scientific and reasonable grinding production line plan for us. Now, the production line has entered the commissioning trial production stage, and the trial production effect is very good. We are very satisfied with it and hope to have a long-term cooperation in the future.

If you also want to know more about Hongcheng grinding mill, you can click here to contact us.

In different fields of ore grinding, Hongcheng Raymond grinding mill, vertical roller mill, superfine grinding mill, ultrafine vertical grinding mill, has played an important role in value, and has become a powerful grinding tool for promoting the creation of considerable market value in the powder industry.

1. Hongcheng Raymond grinding mill is used for Non-metalic Mineral

Quick lime, calcium carbonate, barite and other ore powder, Guilin Hongcheng Raymond grinding mill has become a special equipment to help the production of 80-400 mesh powder, the powder fineness is uniform and fine, the particle shape is excellent, the quality is good, deeply won customers friends height thumb up.

2. Hongcheng Ultrafine grinding mill - Ideal for fine powder projects

In the fine powder processing market, HCH series Ultrafine grinding mill of Guilin Hongcheng has a broad market prospect, good reputation and numerous customer cases. It is an ideal choice for fine powder grinding projects such as barite, calcium carbonate, marble and dolomite.

3. Hongcheng vertical roller mill to achieve large-scale production

Hongcheng HLM Vertical roller mill is environmental protection mill that meets the requirements of energy conservation and emission reduction production. It with large-scale production, efficient energy saving, environmental protection and noise reduction advantages, in non-metalic mineral, slag, coal and other fields are very popular.

4. Hongcheng ultrafine vertical grinding mill is widely used

As a high-tech enterprise specializing in the development of large-scale super fine vertical grinding equipment, HLMX series ultrafine vertical grinding mill developed by Guilin Hongcheng conforms to the market development demand, and has become a large-scale high fine vertical grinding mill to realize the large-scale increase in production of super fine powder. It enjoys good market reputation, wide application, high grinding and powder selection rate, and is highly praised.

With the vision of innovation and development, Guilin Hongcheng has been continuously developing high-end environmental protection ore grinding mill, creating greater value for customers with quality and service, contributing to a global brand in China, and contributing to the development of powder industry.

About us

HCM Grinding Mill,Raymond Grinding Mill, Vertical Grinding Mill, Ultrafine Grinding Mill.

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