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Hongcheng Smart Manufacture| A Model Of The Industry| The Chinese Power Of Creation!
  • 2019-12-31 08:43
  • HCM

In the field of mine milling manufacturing field, Guilin Hongcheng digs deeply and focuses on the research & development and manufacturing of milling equipment. It has successfully innovated the environmental protection and noise reduction HCM milling machine equipment, which has become the industry leader.


Hongcheng has a persistent pursuit of the industry and a dedicated spirit of mill quality. This is the industry charm of smart manufacture by HCM and an important force for Chinese creation!


Guilin Hongcheng, The Creation power of China 

After years of development, HCMillingGuilin Hongchenghas become a well-known enterprise in the industry. Hongcheng grinding mill has been widely promoted and applied in various industrial fields, such as metallurgy, building materials, industrial solid waste, thermal power plants, cement plants, mineral deep processing and non-metallic ore. At the same time, it has become a professional mill dedicated to achieving efficient milling with its advantages such as high efficiency, environmental protection, noise reduction, cleanness, stability, reliability, low investment and high return.


Hongcheng grinding mill, a model in the industry

Regardless of whether it is grinding coarse or fine powder, whether it is in the field of industrial solid waste or deep processing of minerals, the Hongcheng grinding milling machine has good quality and abundant models. It can meet the production needs of different minerals, finenesses and capacities. Only by relying on excellent product quality can the mill achieve long-term development in the fierce mineral powder market.


1. HC Vertical Pendulum Grinding Mill


This is an innovative equipment of traditional mill. It has a number of patented technology and superb technology. The grinding fineness can be adjusted between 80-600 mesh. The unit capacity of a single equipment is high and the energy consumption is low. It is a grinding equipment for improving noise reduction and efficient production.



2. HCH Ultra-fine grinding mill


The fine powder equipment is the scientific and technological achievement of Hongcheng innovation research and development. It has the advantages of small floor area, strong integrity, wide use, simple operation and convenient maintenance. This is a new type of environment-friendly grinding machine that focuses on grinding 325-2500 mesh powder and realizes deep processing and grinding of fine powder.


3. HLM Vertical grinding mill


The vertical mill is an energy-saving and emission-reducing mill equipment. It is an equipment that focuses on the production of grinding powder in coal mines, cement, slag, non-metallic ore, manganese ore and gypsum. It integrates drying, grinding, grading, and conveying as a whole, and tailor-made exclusive selection and configuration schemes, which are environmental protection equipment for large-scale grinding.


4. HLMX Ultra-fine vertical grinding mill

Ultra-fine vertical grinding equipment is a sharpening tool to help the ultra-fine powder market achieve large-scale production. HCMilling(Guilin Hongcheng) delved into the fine powder market and developed the HLMX ultra-fine vertical mill equipment. This equipment is widely used in the fine powder market for grinding minerals such as limestone, calcium carbonate, calcite, kaolin and barite. It adopts a secondary classification system, the grinding fineness can be as high as 2500 mesh, the fineness is uniform and fine, the particle shape is good and the market competitiveness is further improved.


5.  Calcium Hydroxide Production Line

Guilin Hongcheng actively explores the market demand of lime industry and kiln deep processing. We have successfully developed the lime deep processing technical equipment by the strong cooperation with JIANDE New Calcium Co., Ltd. It has made greater contribution to the development of lime deep processing and lime kiln deep processing industry.

EPC general contracting to create value for customers

EPC general contracting service focuses on the overall situation and customized selection. Guilin Hongcheng takes customers as the center and provides professional EPC services for grinding projectsfrom scheme design, product manufacturing, installation and debugging to after-sales service and skill training.


EPC project

Based on the needs of customers, Hongcheng studies every grinding production line, and strives to create value for customers, increase production and income for the project with higher grinding advantages and milling efficiency.


In the new era of development, Guilin Hongcheng continues to strive in the milling machine manufacturing industry to produce each milling machine with high standards and requirements; Creating value for customers with a professional perspective and the core values, the selection scheme is customized for grinding projects. In the future development journey, Hongcheng is dedicated to contribute a global brand to China!

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