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Effective Production Raising Method Of Vertical Roller Mill
  • 2020-05-15 10:30
  • HCM

Which factory is specializing in the production of mineral powder grinding mill equipment manufacturers? As a manufacturer of vertical roller mill, Raymond mill and other equipment. Many customers want to know how to improve the capacity of vertical roller mill. In fact, the increase of vertical roller mill capacity is related to many factors. This article will make a detailed introduction to the problems of customer consultation, hoping to be helpful to the production customers of powder project.


1. Five factors to increase the capacity of vertical roller mill

The grinding mill structure, scraper, hydraulic system, material and pressure difference of vertical roller mill will have an important impact on the capacity of mill. Here is a detailed analysis of it:

1) . Abrasion of internal structure of the mill: the parts that affect the capacity in the mill includes grinding roller, grinding plate, retaining ring for controlling the material layer, nozzle ring for controlling the wind direction of the hot air, etc.

When the grinding roller and disc are uneven due to wear, it is necessary to check the wear condition of lining plate regularly. The reasonable setting of the height of the retaining ring has a positive effect on the increase of production. In order to reduce the accumulation and hardening of the materials in the center of the grinding disc and improve the control of the auxiliary roller on the material layer, a scraper plate is added in the center of the grinding disc, which is 20cm from the height of the grinding disc.

2). Hydraulic system pressure: when other factors remain unchanged, the grinding pressure is directly proportional to the output. The greater the grinding pressure is, the greater the positive pressure on the material on the grinding plate is, the grinding mill will be more effective.

3). Materials: the requirements of vertical roller mill for materials mainly lie in the grindability and granularity. An access hole is added under the rotary feeder. Conduct simple dredging once every 4 days; shut down once every 15 days, concentrate manpower to dredge the material accumulated in the blanking pipe, and use the air gun to assist in plug removal to fully guarantee the production of the mill

4). Pressure difference: the pressure difference consists of two parts: the pressure difference in the mill and the pressure difference in the bag collector, which is the key factor to improve the product quality and output. The amount of feed and circulating material in the grinding chamber will cause the change of fluid resistance and pressure difference.         


In order to measure the change of pressure more accurately, compressed air can be used to clean the measuring pipeline. By repairing the damaged lifting valve and pulse valve, replacing the filter bag regularly, adjusting the position of the bag cage, repairing the damaged shell and other measures, the transportation efficiency of materials in the bag collector can be guaranteed and the output can be increased.

Above several vertical roller mill production skills, I hope to just hit the mineral powder production customers to help. HCMilling(Guilin Hongcheng) is a mill manufacturer with strong vertical roller mill equipment.


2. The special vertical roller mill equipment of HCM

Vertical roller mill is a large-scale mill for increasing production and efficiency in powder industry. It integrates crushing, grinding, grading and powder collection, covering a number of patented technologies. It has successfully broken through the disadvantages of the traditional grinding mill, realized large-scale production and processing, and is a new generation of environmental protection special mill equipment. The equipment can be used in many fields such as grinding coal, cement, non-metallic ore and slag. It has strong adaptability to materials, controllable and adjustable fineness of finished products, simpler process, low noise and small dust. It is the mainstream grinding mill equipment in the industry.

This paper presents the whole picture of the newly upgraded environmental protection and noise reduction large-scale production equipment for the majority of powder customers by describing several vertical roller mill production skills and introducing the details of the special vertical roller mill equipment of HCM. Guilin Hongcheng is a mill manufacturer, which provides customized services to bring greater market value to customers. More details please contact:



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