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The Best Grinding Mill For Calcite
  • 2020-06-19 17:05
  • HCM

Guilin Hongcheng will introduce calcite definition, application, market prospect and calcite grinding mill equipment for customers. There are many types of grinding equipment for calcite, which kind of grinding equipment should be used, customers need to inform us the grinding demand (fineness) in time. HCM will customize exclusive selection plan for clients and friends to create value for the calcite powder project.


Introduction of calcite

Calcite is an oxide mineral of magnesium. Calcite is mainly found in marble and is generally colorless to light gray glassy particles, but can also be green, yellow or black. Their crystals are round, octahedral and irregular in number. The hardness of calcite is 5.5-6, and the crystal inertia is often irregularly granular or rounded.


Calcite is mainly produced in marble, which is formed when dolomite is metamorphosed at high temperatures. Calcite is the main constituent material and has a melting point of 2800°C.


The use of calcite is mainly as a manufacturing refractory materials (such as magnesia-aluminum bricks, calcite-spinel bricks), microcrystalline glass, thermocouples. High quality raw materials such as insulating materials for high temperature cables and electric heating resistors. Many manufacturers manufacture calcite spinel bricks. Magnesite is also used as raw material for cement. On the other hand, calcite can also be used for soil remediation.


For the market use of calcite minerals, Guilin Hongcheng's main mill equipment can be used to grind powder. For example, HC vertical pendulum mill, HCQ improved mill, HCH ultra-fine mill, HLM vertical mill, etc. These equipment have their own advantages and characteristics, which can meet the production needs of different fineness and capacity of calcite projects. These equipment all have their own advantages and characteristics and can meet the production needs of different fineness and capacity of calcite projects.


Mills for calcite processing

There are more types of mill equipment for grinding calcite, HCMilling(Guilin Hongcheng) is also a dedicated equipment manufacturer to create value for customers, tailor-made design of each set of grinding line selection scheme, which is conducive to the production of 80-2500 mesh calcite mineral powder.


For the traditional grinding mill, HC vertical pendulum grinding mill is a new generation of upgraded and innovative Raymond mill equipment. It covers a number of patented technologies, can grind powder between 80-400 mesh, and is a new type of Raymond mill praised and supported by customers.


HCH ultrafine mill is a professional equipment to meet the production needs of fine powder deep processing projects. It has comprehensive mechanical crushing performance such as roll pressing, grinding, impact, etc. The grinding of mineral powder is between 325-2500 meshes. And the fine powder quality is excellent, the particle shape is good, the market competitiveness is stronger.


HLM vertical mill is a professional intelligent mill equipment which is helpful to realize large-scale production. It has the advantages of automatic control, high grinding efficiency, fine grading precision, excellent grain type, large capacity, and strong drying capacity, etc. It is the equipment to meet the needs of calcite to realize large-scale production. It is the equipment to meet the needs of calcite to realize large-scale production.


Calciteis widely used, the type of mill equipment for grinding  calciteis more. The specific use of which kind of grinding equipment, also need customer friends to contact us in time. We will recommend suitable calcite Raymond mill, vertical roller mill, ultra-fine mill and other equipment for you. HCM will custom calcite grinding mill selection exclusive production line program, creating value for customers. Please contact:



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