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Coal Vertical Grinding Mill At Best Price
  • 2020-08-08 14:57
  • HCM

Hcmilling (Guilin Hongcheng) specializes in manufacturing series of grinding mills, including Raymond grinding mill, vertical grinding mill, superfine grinding mill, and etc., they are used in the fields of electric power, metallurgy and building materials, chemical engineering, industrial solid waste, environmental protection and so on. Vertical grinding mill can achieve large-scale grinding mill, it contributes to the production and manufacture of industrial solid waste. As an specialized grinding mill for coal, vertical grinding mill is very helpful for grinding project to create benefits.


As a specialized grinding mill for industrial solid waste, vertical grinding mill features high application value, high grinding efficiency, advanced milling technology, environmental protection and energy saving. It is an integration of drying, grinding, classifying and conveying, and has strong drying ability. Vertical grinding mill has broken through the bottlenecks of low output, high energy consumption and high maintenance cost from ordinary grinding milling machine. It is widely used in fields of coal mine, cement, slag, lime powder for power plant desulfurization, non-metallic minerals and etc.


HLM Vertical Grinding Mill

Fineness of grinding materials: 0-50mm

Grinding table median diameter: 800-5600mm

Humidity of grinding materials: <15%

Humidity of product:≤1-6%

Capacity: 5-700t/h


Application range: any non-metallic minerals with Moh’s hardness below 7 and moisture below 6%, widely used in the fields of electricity, metallurgy, cement, chemicals, rubber, paints, inks, food, medicine, and etc.

Performance characteristics: an integration of drying, grinding, classifying and conveying, High efficiency of powder grinding, low power consumption, big fineness of grinding materials, fineness easy to adjust, simple polytechnic procedure, less occupied area, low noise, low dust, low operation cost, low consumption of longer working life of wearing parts, and etc.  



Hcmilling (Guilin Hongcheng) has a rich experience of manufacturing grinding mill. Vertical grinding mill is commonly used to grind coal ash. You may be wondering how about the Coal grinding mill price? Can vertical grinding mill be used to grind coal ash? Hcmilling (Guilin Hongcheng) provides customized allocation solution of module selection and makes reasonable grinding mill price based on customer’s information including fineness, capacity, installation area and etc.  


Hcmilling (Guilin Hongcheng) grinding mills are available at a low total cost of ownership due to low installation and operating costs, as well as simple maintenance. We can help you determine the optimum set-up for your needs to maximize the profitability of your operation.


Contact us for details now!


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