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The Process of Special HLM Superfine Vertical Grinding Mill for the Factory of Slag Powder
  • 2019-02-20 09:37
  • HCM

The Process of Special HLM Superfine Vertical Grinding Mill for the Factory of Slag Powder图片11.png

1. HLM Superfine Vertical Grinding Mill for the Powder Making of Slag  

Median diameter of the grinding table : 800-5600mm

Moisture of raw material : ≤15%

Moisture of finished product: ≤1-6%

Capacity: 5-700t/h 

Motor power: 450-6700KW

Product features: 

It integrates performance of drying, grinding, classifying with conveying and features in high output, low energy consumption, low maintenance cost, wide application range, small space occupation and high price-performance ratio.

Application range: 

It focus on the grinding and processing of non-metallic minerals with a Mohs hardness below 7 and a moisture below 6% such as coal mine, cement, slag, gypsum, calcite, barite, fluorite, marble, etc.

2. The Process

A. The motor drives the reducer to rotate the millstone.

B. Under the effect of centrifugal force, the materials moves around the millstone and then enters between rollers and the millstone.

C. Under the effect of rollers, materials than are ground by extruding, grinding and cutting.

D. At the same time, the ground powders are blew into the classifier above the main unit by the airflow generated by the blower.

E. Coarse powders fall down into the main unit to regrind, while qualified powders will be flow into the pulse dust collector with wind.

F. After passing the powder pipe, qualified powders are discharged and then become the finished products.

G. After flowing through the pipe on the pulse collector, the purified air flows into the blower and then is discharged into atmosphere.

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