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The price of grinding mill is closely related to the type and size of the machine
  • 2019-02-14 09:50
  • HCM


The price of grinding mill has a close relationship with the type and model of the machine. At present, the machine that is more popular is the Raymond roller mill. If the purchasing volume is large, the price will be preferential. It is a good choice to process powder with a fineness of 80 mesh to 800 mesh. Due to the increasing demand for ultra-fine powders, some manufacturers have developed ultra-fine grinding mills according to the requirements of market and environmental protection. Domestically, HCH ultra-fine grinding mill and superfine vertical grinding mill are very popular. The fineness of finished product can reach up about 2,500 mesh to 2 micrometers.

If you want to save production costs, purchasing grinding mill to process the raw materials is better than buying the finished product. For example, if you want to produce a piece of artificial stone plate, you can use the powders produced by the machine you purchase instead of the powders you purchase from other powder-making manufacturers, and the cost can be saved by 1000 to 1200 yuan. Obviously, at the source of production, so many profits have been generated and the competitive advantage is extremely self-evident.

Then how to purchase a grinding mill that is suitable for your own production?  There is no doubt that we should consider the price of machine, so we must consider the type and model of the grinding mill.

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