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The Introduction Of The Technological Process Of The Production Line Of High Calcium Lime Grinding M
  • 2020-05-20 14:50
  • HCM

What equipment can be used to grind high calcium lime powder?The ultrafine mill, vertical grinding mill, Raymond mill machine and other equipment of HCMilling(Guilin Hongcheng) are all exclusive equipment to create value for non-metallic mineral powder grinding project.



1. Selection of equipment for grinding high calcium lime powder

What equipment can grind high calcium lime powder? HCMilling(Guilin Hongcheng) provides special equipment such as Raymond mill, ultrafine mill and vertical roller mill to meet the production demand of different fineness and production capacity at any time. Among them, the ultrafine mill machine can be used to realize the deep processing requirements.


The ultrafine mill machine has the comprehensive mechanical properties of rolling, grinding and impact. Its fineness can be adjusted between 325-2500 mesh. It is suitable for grinding all kinds of non-metallic ores with Mohs hardness less than 7 and humidity less than 6%. For example, marble, limestone, barite, calcium carbonate, calcite, bentonite, kaolin, talc and other mineral powder projects. The mill has the advantages of large crushing ratio, high energy utilization rate, high classification efficiency, high production rate and so on. It has become the exclusive fine grinding processing equipment favored by many fine powder markets.


2. Technological Process Of Superfine Mill

What is the technological process of the ultrafine mill? The whole machine includes main machine, feeder, classifier, blower, pipeline device, storage hopper, electric control system, collection system and other parts. The materials are crushed into less than 10 mm materials by jaw crusher, and the crushed materials are carefully submerged in the main machine cavity. The material is crushed and ground because of the grinding of the grinding roller. The material is fully crushed and ground, and the product fineness is fine. The ground powder falls on the chassis due to gravity, and is blown to the classifier above the main engine for screening under the air flow of the blower. If the fineness is too coarse, it will still fall into the main machine for regrinding. If the fineness meets the specification, it will flow into the pulse dust remover with the wind. After collection, it will be discharged through the discharge valve, which is the finished product.


3. Price of High Calcium Lime powder machine

What is the price of HCM high calcium lime powder machine? HCMilling(Guilin Hongcheng) can scientifically customize the exclusive selection and configuration scheme, and combine the production demand such as project fineness and production capacity to customize the scientific and reasonable selection scheme suitable for the production demand of the project. HCM project team has rich experience, and has customized the selection and configuration of many fields.


Welcome to visit the special grinding mill equipment of HCMilling(Guilin Hongcheng), which is a high calcium lime powder machine manufacturer. We produce vertical roller mill, Raymond mill, ultrafine mill and other equipment. More details please contact:




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