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Application & Equipment Machine For Producing Calcium Hydroxide
  • 2020-05-30 15:52
  • HCM

Calcium hydroxide is known as hydrated lime. Is the application value of calcium hydroxide high? What are the general applications? What is the equipment for producing calcium hydroxide? Which manufacturer sells such calcium hydroxide equipment?



1. Application of calcium hydroxide

The application of calcium hydroxide can be divided into industrial level, food and medicine level and coating level market application.


(1) The application value of industrial grade calcium hydroxide is mainly reflected in wastewater treatment (it is commonly used in leather manufacturing, metallurgy, metal processing, petrochemical industry, chemical fiber, electroplating, papermaking and other industries wastewater treatment.) , flue gas desulfurization (it can be widely used in thermal power plants, iron and steel plants, cement plants, smelting plants and other flue gas emission control), wear-resistant materials (calcium oxide can be used as an additive to enhance the strength and viscosity of bricks) , construction industry (it can be equipped with cement lime mixed mortar, lime mortar for masonry or plastering engineering), agricultural industry (it can improve soil, adjust pH, and apply to the improvement of saline alkali land, laterite land and other soils), chemical industry (like calcium hydroxide, which is an inorganic compound, can be used in many chemical fields), etc.


2)Food and medicine grade calcium hydroxide is mainly used as acid regulator, which is widely used in sugar industry. It can also be used as buffer, neutralizer and curing agent, and can be used in beer, cheese and cocoa products.


(3)Coating grade calcium hydroxide is also known as lime powder. It is mainly used in putty powder, latex paint and other building coatings. The above is the market value of calcium hydroxide. Therefore, the application market of calcium hydroxide is wide and its market value is high. HCMilling(Guilin Hongcheng) meets the production needs of calcium hydroxide powder customers, and provides a new generation of upgraded and innovative calcium hydroxide production line equipment, which is conducive to generating income for the project.


2. Equipment introduction of calcium hydroxide production

What equipment can be used to produce calcium hydroxide? The new generation calcium hydroxide production line developed by HCMilling(Guilin Hongcheng) has realized high-capacity production and processing. The whole production line mainly includes slaker, slag mill and fine powder concentrator.


Calcium hydroxide slaking system is smart water distribution, constant temperature slake, covering a longer area, can be fully slaked. And it adopts PLC full-automatic control, which can further strengthen the quality control ability. To achieve the effect of rapid hot water ash. Slag grinding machine is a large-scale grinding equipment, which has the characteristics of low maintenance cost, high output, low noise, good quality of wear-resistant parts of grinding sleeve and disc, higher degree of automation and high grinding efficiency. The fine powder separator has the advantages of high purity, good energy-saving effect, and can greatly improve the output of the mill system.


HCMilling(Guilin Hongcheng) is a professional manufacturer of calcium hydroxide equipment. We have rich experience in manufacturing machinery and equipment. Our main products include Raymond mill, vertical roller mill, ultrafine mill and so on, ultimate product fineness can achieve 80-2500 mesh freely. We can customize our own selection and configuration scheme to bring considerable benefits to our customers. More details please contact:




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